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Host Europe Group Data Centre £multi-million Partnership Agreement

28th, November 2012

Founded in 1997, Host Europe Group (with over 1 million customers) provides, mass hosting, domain registration customised managed hosting, cloud hosting and has a developing Software-as-a-service SaaS offering.

As the biggest domain registrar in the UK and largest virtualisation provider in Europe, Host Europe Group is the leading hosting provider for consumers and businesses seeking high quality of service combined with an excellent price / performance ratio.  Host Europe Group is the largest privately owned hosting company in Europe.

Workspace Technology as a specialist Data Centre Design, Build & Management company was able to offer a flexible alternative to the Consulting Engineer and Contractor approach helping significantly reducing timelines and associated deployment costs for Host Europe.

Working in partnership with Host Europe’s technical advisor, Workspace Technology quickly developed a practical design which was able to meet Host Europe’s demanding engineering and performance specifications.

Tier 3 Modular Design

Unlike traditional N+1 designs the new data centre will be based on self contained 1MVA modules. Each module consists of an individual 1MVA transformer, backup generator systems, switchgear, chiller plant and 600kVA / 540kW UPS system. A total of 4 x modules will be deployed over three discrete project phases.  On completion the facility will support a total critical load of 1620kW over two data centre halls.

The system is fully concurrently maintainable, so the failure of any individual module will not affect the operation of the data centre. Module “0” supports mechanical services and acts as a catcher function to the critical services of modules 1 to 3.

High Performance

The performance specifications of the data centre are exceptional and leave no stone unturned. Chillers are designed to support the full range of the ASHREA Class A specification 18ºC to 27 ºC and have been designed to cope with the most extreme weather conditions with peak summer temperature of 43ºC allowing for the increased ambient temperature very often seen in urban areas.

Exceptional PUE

Historically Tier 3 / Tier 4 data centres compromise energy performance against system availability. Workspace Technology has worked with Host Europe’s technical team to ensure that this new data centre breaks the mould. With the introduction of high performing Water Towers the design annualised at peak operating load PUE is calculated at <1.2.

These figures are based on average annualised UK temperature of 15ºC. This figure has an error factor of +5ºC. We fully anticipate once this facility is up and running a PUE of 1.15 can be achieved.

Schneider Electric Platinum Partner - Workspace Technology has integrated a number of core Schneider electric technology’s across this facility.

Schneider Electric I.T (APC) Equipment Racks and Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Schneider Electric – Switchgear Complete electrical Switchgear Systems

Schneider Electric – Security Pelco Security

Elite Data Centre Partner

Workspace Technology is a leading participant in the 'Next Generation' APC’s Elite Partner programme.  Workspace Technology, provides exceptional levels of service and expertise helping clients to resolve wiring closet, server room and data centre design requirements and challenges across a broad spectrum of infrastructure technology including;  power, cooling and management.

Managing Director Roy Griffiths commented “whilst we continue to increase our year-on-year market share of the specialist design and build Micro Data Centre marketplace, this project success clearly demonstrates Workspace Technology’s ability to compete favourably for the large scale data centre projects against established multinational engineering companies.

Workspace Technology’s expanding capabilities and expertise has firmly established our ability to increase our share of £multi million construction related data centre projects. This capability is essential to aid Workspace Technology’s growth plans to establish a £50m revenue by 2016/17.

For further information please contract Roy Griffiths at or call 0121 354 4894.

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