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Freecool® Saves Approximately 2,000,000 kw Hours

11th, April 2013

It seems the politicians have realised that the UK won't hit its carbon reduction targets by simply replacing fossil fuel power generation with low carbon power generation alternatives. As a result energy efficiency is becoming more important than ever.

David MacKay, DECC's Chief Scientific Advisor, suggests that in order to keep the lights on in a low carbon way the UK would need 300 nuclear power stations or 600,000 wind turbines. The UK currently has nine operational nuclear power stations and nearly 4,500 wind turbines.

The cost of a replacement programme in these times of austerity are prohibitive and this is why investment in energy reduction technologies, such as Workspace Technology’s Freecool® evaporative fresh air free cooling can be implemented at a fraction of the cost.

In a free market economy the best technologies will inevitably come to the fore. These technologies make economic sense without the need for external financial support.  As the gap between demand and supply continues to shrink, Workspace Technology’s Freecool® technology, and others of similar quality, have a huge role to ensure that we can keep the lights on.

To date, Freecool® by Workspace Technology has saved organisations in the UK nearly two million kW hours in electricity costs and over 950 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Typically, a Freecool® deployment will pay for itself in 18 to 36 months making the deployment of this technology both economic and environmental sense.

Workspace Technology leads the UK data centre market in the delivery of effective evaporative free air cooling solutions. Our qualified  design team are able to provide expert advice on this technology and options on its deployment.

For further information on Workspace Technology’s Freecool® technology & services please contact or call 0121 354 4894.

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