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Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling – Cool Wall Backup

31st, May 2013

Workspace Technology data centre solutions’ Design Team have developed a low cost “instant” response mechanical backup system for those clients that require re-assurance if there are air quality issues or require re-circulation mode following a fire suppression activation event.

Workspace Technology’s “Cool Wall” consists of a series of 200mm deep chilled water coils that are positioned within the Freecool® mixing box. Ordinarily the Cool Wall system is in standby mode. Activation of a volt free contact from and independent fire signal or via an air quality sampling system will initiate a “remote on” signal from the Freecool® PLC control system. This signal will automatically turn on the standby chilled water unit.

The Cool Wall system is typically designed to support air off temperatures of 24ºC at 21ºC chilled water flow temperatures. The chilled water systems are configured with a fully insulated buffer tank designed to maintain a reserve of chilled water at the set point or lower as required to support maximum design cooling capacity of the system i.e. 21°C.

At low duties e.g. 60% this temperature can typically be increased further to approx. 23°C. For the vast majority of the year the ambient temperature will be below the maximum 21°C set point. During summer periods the Cool Wall chiller is programmed to boost the water to ensure set point is maintained so the reserve can instantly support the I.T load.

On activation through a “remote on” signal from the Freecool® controller the Cool Wall controller will start pumps which will be operational and at full speed within a matter of seconds ensuring water is flowing through the circuit. The chilled water reserves will ensure maximum cooling capacity is maintained in the data centre until the mechanical compressors ramp up to full operating speed.

The Cool Wall is an option offered by Workspace Technology that removes any remaining objections that a diminishing number of data centre operators may have against the deployment of direct fresh air cooling technology.

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