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Freecool® Increases Share of UK Data Centre Market

31st, May 2013

Simple concepts very often prove to be successful! Freecool® by Workspace Technology is one of those concepts. The underlying technology behind Freecool® is simple with guaranteed installation paybacks.

Workspace Technology has developed its expertise in data centre evaporative fresh air cooling over the past four years. This expertise sets Workspace Technology apart from its competitors and has positioned Freecool® by Workspace Technology as the evaporative free air cooling solution of choice by many data centre operators.

Industry Leading Energy Performance

Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling by Workspace Technology is the industry leading Evaporative Free Air Cooling solution designed to deliver PUE performance figures of < 1.15. Designs can be scaled to support critical loads ranging from 30kW to 1MW and beyond. Workspace Technology’s Freecool® solution offers essential features that differentiate the technology from other direct fresh air systems.

Double Filtration - Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling installations are implemented with dual G3 and G4 air intake filtration systems designed to eliminate data centre contamination.

Atemperation™ Intelligent atemperation™ is a system that blends hot exit with cold intake air to produce stable equipment inlet temperatures irrespective of external ambient conditions.  Atemperation™ is achieved by a combination of air dampers and variable speed fans mounted within a “mixing box” supported by intelligent PLC control systems.

Dynamic Mode Temperature Control – Unlike conventional cooling systems that typically require equipment intake temperatures to be increased to support free cool mode, Workspace Technology’s Freecool® can be configured in “Dynamic” mode. This mode of operation allows cold aisle temperatures of 18°C for the vast majority of the operating period without any compromise in energy efficiency. By reducing equipment inlet air temperature power demands of server fans will reduce whilst improving equipment reliability*. During warmer external ambient conditions the Freecool® system simply allows the temperature to gradually rise falling back again as external temperatures reduce.

*Results will depend on equipment age and type of fan.

In Dynamic Mode the Freecool® control system can also be programmed to gradually (within the rate of change parameters defined by ASHREA) ramp up/down temperature to ensure humidity levels are maintained within class A1 data centre operating modes (10% to 80% RH).

Reduced Fan Power – With the exception of the PLC controller the only power consumed by the Freecool® system is fan power. Workspace Technology’s engineers selected energy efficiency EC fans. EC fans use significantly less energy than conventional fan technology. EC stands for Electronically Commutated where the fan is fitted with a permanent magnet motor (PMM).

EC technology enables continuous adjustment of the fan speed to the meet the cooling demands of the data centre. Each fan is individually speed controlled via the Freecool® PLC control system. Typically fan selections are oversized and support N+1 resilience. This approach ensures that fan speeds are automatically reduced. Because motor power associated with EC fans varies with the cube of the motor speed any reduction in fan speed results in an energy savings. As an example a 20% reduction in fan speed will result in a 49 % energy reduction.

Benefits of EC Fans over Tranditional Fan Technology:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Intelligent electronic control
  • No need for additional motor protextion
  • Remote monitoring via ModBus

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