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Freecool®Saves an Incredible 1.5 Megawatt of Power for Clients

8th, April 2016

Over the past six years Workspace Technology has estimated that the combined deployments of Freecool®, the UK’s leading direct fresh air cooling solution by Workspace Technology, has helped public sector organisations to reduce power consumption by over 1.5 Megawatt. This power saving equates to over 13,140MW/hours per annum in turn reducing energy bills by an estimated £1.3m per annum.

Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling by Workspace Technology delivers innovative low energy cooling for data centre environments typically delivering PUE figures of < 1.15. Freecool® offers clients a choice of direct and indirect airflow configurations. The optional ‘Cool Wall’ module supports mechanical backup or top up cooling for all modes of system operation.

Freecool® installations are designed and built from scalable standardised modules that can be interconnected in a bespoke arrangement supporting ‘real world’ client applications. Freecool® delivers flexibility for clients and is ideally suited to many University and College data centre installations.
Workspace Technology’s Freecool® can be installed as part of a new data centre or can be retrofitted and configured to work in harmony with existing cooling technology. Supporting rack densities from 1kW to 20kW Freecool® has grown in popularity and has become the preferred cooling technology for many public sector and corporate organisations across the UK.

Education sector clients who have benefited from Freecool® include; Aston University, Harper Adams University, University of Warwick, University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University and Nottingham Trent University to name but a few, all Universities have of course benefited from significant energy reductions.

Freecool® is an ideal technology fit for Salix or equivalent energy funding because the payback is typically between 2 to 3 years and rarely exceeds five years allowing the a comfortable repayment of the energy fund.

Nick Roberts, Workspace Technology’s Education Business Development Manager, commented “Following the installation of Freecool® technology many of our clients are simply astonished at the energy reduction levels that have been achieved. This is especially true for those clients where Freecool is replacing aging DX based systems and associated mechanical cooling power is typically reduced by 90% or more following a Freecool® installation. As an example if the DX units are using 50kW of power this equates to an immediate saving of over 45kW in turn reducing energy bills by over £40,000 per year.”

For more information on Workspace Technology’s Data Centre or Freecool® technology please contract or call 0121 354 4894.

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