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Freecool® by Workspace Technology Increases Market Share

21st, September 2011

Freecool® by Workspace Technology continues to increase market share as many I.T, Data Centre, Energy and Facilities Managers recognise its ability to deliver exceptional Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) performance figures. When compared with traditional cooling Freecool®  by Workspace Technology will typically reduce the energy requirements for cooling by 90%.

Fresh-air cooling is an emerging technique that draws outside air into the data centre, filters it and uses the air to cool the I.T equipment. The use of fresh air based cooling technology is now been accepted by leading server manufacturers. As an example Dell now warrants servers to run at 40ºC for 900 hours per year and at 43ºC for 90 hours per year. These higher temperature ratings allow year round fresh air cooling throughout Northern Europe.

Workspace Technology’s Freecool®  solution uses an evaporative cooling process that pre-cools air during warmer periods. Within the UK it is possible to maintain inlet temperatures at between 21ºC and 24ºC for the vast majority of the year with the Freecool®  technology. The use of the innovative atemperation system enables the temperature to be maintained through re-circulation of hot air during cooler periods.

With recent announcements in the increase in energy costs by a further 10% and industry analysts forecasted energy prices to double of the next 5 years, the payback period of replacing old out of date DX technology is reducing. Depending on the installation the payback period is typically less than 2 years.

When new facilities are been constructed Freecool® by Workspace Technology it is typically between 30% to 50% cheaper than alternative cooling technology with the benefit of industry leading PUE figures.

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