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Facility Management: Is it Time to Add Another String to Your Bow?

8th, February 2018

As a Facility Management company your focus is with taking control of a clients’ estate management challenges, freeing up Senior Management to do what they do best whilst helping them to improve productivity of their core business. One of your primary responsibilities is providing and managing a range of services on behalf of your client from cleaning and grounds maintenance to security and M&E.

But of course, you already know that. However, one area that is regularly overlooked, often due to the absence of specialist knowledge and skills, is the maintenance of a company’s data centre infrastructure. Bet you don’t have that covered!

I.T is a growing industry, subsequently companies are increasingly relying more and more on technology and data therefore the requirement for on-premise data centre infrastructure is increasing. But, who is looking after these expensive assets? Maybe there is already a maintenance & support contract in place with the company that built the data centre or maybe the required skills are available internally. The latter is less likely.

A data centre is the heartbeat of a company, if it stops just for a minute the consequences can be drastic. Planned Preventative Maintenance will keep a data centre operating efficiency and effectively 24/7 but this needs to be undertaken by specialists that have the required skills and equipment. Just as you need a qualified plumber or gas technician to service your clients’ heating system, you need a specialist engineer to maintain and support a data centre.

Ask yourself as a facilities management company, could you cover every aspect of your clients’ estate? If not, do you really want a competitor stomping over your turf or would it be a clever strategic decision to offer Data Centre Maintenance & Support Services yourself.

Companies such as Workspace Technology offer their Maintenance & Support Services as a ‘white labelled’ service so you don’t have to worry about hiring data centre specialists whilst keeping your enemies at bay.

UK businesses are losing £12.3 billion per year through downtime incidents, according to research by Imperial College mathematicians. It is suggested that downtime is the second highest business cost after HR. It is also one of the widest reaching problems a business can face, affecting everyone from clients and suppliers to employees and managers. Companies that are not supported and monitored by Maintenance & Support services and instead rely on a break-fix support model of operation might find that downtime periods last significantly longer than fifteen minutes – and this is where costs can quickly start to mount.

International online retail giant Amazon suffered downtime of around fifteen minutes; the brief outage was estimated to have cost them an incredible $66,240 per minute, a staggering $993,600!

Maybe it’s time to provide additional added value for your clients and incorporate Data Centre Infrastructure to the facilities that you manage on their behalf.

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