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EU Code of Conduct Member

1st, February 2010

Workspace Technology is a committed “Endorser” of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) levies taxes against high energy users. As part of CRC initiative the European Commission directive introduced the European Code of Conduct on Data Centres in 2008. This code of conduct provides a set of rules which help drive down energy use and improve energy efficiency within the data centre environment.

Workspace Technology understands the impact that the CRC will have within the data centre market. The implementation of the EU Code of Conduct “Best Practice” recommendations will help improve the energy efficiency of data centre environments.

Workspace Technology delivers best practice standards though EcoDesign™ which is based on the implementation of a set of “common sense” design principles. These principles are a perfect match with the European Unions' data centre “Best Practice” design requirements.

As a European Code of Conduct on Data Centres Endorser, Workspace Technology actively:-

  • Disseminates information on the Code of Conduct.
  • Encourages organisations to become Participants.
  • Aids Code of Conduct Participants in putting into practice, the recommendations of Participant Guidelines and Best Practices.

In line with our Endorsement strategy, Workspace Technology offer services which will enable organisations to become an EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency Participant.

If you would like any further information or would like Workspace Technology to help your organisation become an approved Code of Conduct Participant to contact email or call Roy Griffiths Technical Director on 0121 354 4894.

Click here for further information on EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres

Benefits of the European Commission Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency

The European Unions Code of Conduct for Data Centres has produced practical guidelines to improve energy efficiency within the data centre industry. The initiative is designed to brief all industry stakeholders together from vendors to data centre operators to work collectively to mitigate the increasing data centre energy consumption which has a direct impact on the EU’s overall energy and environmental policies.

The Code of Conduct, helps avoid burdening industry with resource intensive regulations. Workspace Technology was one of the first UK Data Centre Design & Build specialists to become an approved Endorser for the Scheme.

The Code of Conduct provides businesses with a sensible set of practical and applicable set of measurements to improve efficiencies, minimising the environmental impact of data centre operations as well as having beneficial effect on the bottom line.

There is an increasing focus on energy efficiency in business as a whole, and by failing to apply the Code organisations risk being unable to demonstrate their environmental efficiency to customers who in tern are having to meet there own targets.

The Best Practices defined within the Code of Conduct document represent not only expected minimum standards but also many other identified and standardised energy management practices, it allows organisations to help demonstrate where improvements are being made. The Code provides formal and objective criteria from which they can compare and assess potential improvements.

There is every reason for organisations to apply the Code of Conduct; continued failure to do so has the potential for force greater regulatory intervention, which will reverberate on businesses all around the industry.

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