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    Planned preventative & emergency callout maintenance

    Workspace Technology offers a range of planned preventative maintenance, 24 x 365 callout service contracts and site facilities engineers to ensure critical system availability is maintained.


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    Provides remote monitoring & fault management of your mission critical power, data centre infrastructure, environmental and security assets.


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    help optimise operations and to improve energy efficiency. Consult includes a range of specialist surveys, audits and optimisation services.


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    provides ongoing management and general maintenance, ensuring your entire mission critical space is in peak operational condition.


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    allow you to concentrate on your core competencies and be dependent on UK industry established experts to deliver the project and associated services.


UPS Systems


Workspace Technology supports APC, Power Tecnique, Riello, MGE, Emerson and a broad range of third part UPS systems. Service options include annual inspections, load bank testing and UPS battery replacement.

Learn more about root causes of UPS down time, potential failures and recommended service strategy of mission critical UPS systems.

Recommended Frequency: Once yearly.

UPS Full Maintenance Service

  1. Using a Fluke multimeter, record the phase to phase and phase to neutral input voltages.
  2. Perform a complete visual inspection of the equipment, including sub-assemblies, wiring harnesses, contacts, cables and major components.
  3. Check all nuts, bolts, screws and connectors for tightness and heat discolouration.
  4. Inspect for broken, brittle, damaged or heat stressed components and cables.
  5. Clean for any foreign material and dust from internal compartments.
  6. Perform a status check of alarm circuits.
  7. Perform an operational test of the system.
  8. Install or perform Engineering Field Modifications as necessary
  9. Return the system to normal load and verify the output voltage. Calibrate as necessary.
  10. Review system performance with customer to address any system questions.

Internal Battery Maintenance Service

  1. Check integrity of battery mounting brackets and assemblies
  2. Visually inspect battery system for: Swelling, leaks, loose foreign objects, overheated or corroded cables and connectors, loose connections on batteries and appropriate product labels related to safety and warning hazards.
  3. Clean and neutralize cell tops as required.
  4. Verify integrity of all battery terminal connections.
  5. Measure and record DC bus ripple voltage.
  6. Measure and record total battery float voltage.
  7. Record room ambient temperature.

Battery Load Bank Testing

To ensure that the vital parts of your backup power protection system are functioning as intended, Workspace Technology recommend load bank testing as part of the Annual planned maintenance visit. UPS load bank testing can be completed with existing critical load or to reduce risk to your site Workspace Technology can hire load bank equipment for the duration of the test. Read more…


UPS Systems

Workspace Technology supports APC, Power Tecnique, Riello, MGE, Emerson and other third part UPS systems. Service Options include annual inspections, load bank testing and battery replacement services.

Published June 2015

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