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Generator Systems


Workspace Technology offers support for a complete range of Power Tecnique and all other third party generator systems from 10kW to 3Mva.

Service options include Annual Load Bank Testing and Fuel System Maintenance.

Recommended frequency: Twice yearly.

Half Yearly Checks

  1. Condition
    Visually inspect for oil leaks, loose guards etc.
    Check :

    1. coolant level
    2. oil level – take sample for analysis
  2. Drive Belts
    Check fan and alternator drive belts for wear, tension and alignment.
  3. Shut Down Switches
    Check operation of low oil and high coolant shutdown switches. Check operation.
  4. Low Water Switch
    Check coolant level and carry out DCA tests.
  5. Batteries
    Check battery connections and charge voltage. Check battery voltage and record SG. Top up battery if required.
  6. Fuel System
    Check operation of fuel pumps and boost pumps. Check operation level controls and alarms. Check operation of fuel shut off and fire valves. Inspect fuel tanks, breathers and pipe-work. Drain off fuel tank.
  7. Changover Panel
    Visually inspect panel. Test indicator lamps and instrumentation. Check condition of change-over contacts.
  8. Running Checks
    With set running Off Load, check and record oil temp/pressure, water temp. Check output voltages.
    Check for undue noise and vibration. Complete service report on completion. Ensure set left in ‘Auto’ mode.

Yearly Checks

  1. Fuel
    Change fuel filters – engine and tank for new
  2. Lubricating Oil
    Change engine oil and filters. Dispose of to agreed point.
  3. Water Filters
    Change water filters where fitted
  4. Air Filter
    Remove filter and inspect for cleanliness
  5. Exhaust System
    Check system for leaks and insulation. Check support and attenuation. Check connection to engine.

Monthly Checks (by client unless stated within Support Contract)

  1. Pre-Start Checks
    Check set for signs of leaks. Check drive belts. Check sufficient fuel present. Record fuel levels and hours run meter before starting
  2. Running Checks
    Start generator is off-load status and run for 30 minutes. Log oil temp, water temps and voltage at 5 minute intervals during test run. Observe set for signs of leaks or vibration
  3. Alarms
    Check that any remote alarms are transmitted to the relevant monitoring centre
  4. Records
    Record results in site log-book

Generator Service Plan Options

Load Bank testing

This support plan option helps prevent internal glazing and carbon build up within the generator for a more reliable system. Read more…

Fuel System Maintenance

This support plan option provides a full inspection of the fuel delivery system and include fuel polishing to remove moisture and debris. Read more…


Generator Systems

Workspace Technology offers support for a complete range of Power Technique and all other third party generator systems from 10kW to 3Mva. Service plan options include annual load bank testing and fuel system maintenance.

Published June 2015

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