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Fire Suppression


Workspace Technology provides services packages for a complete range of fire suppression technology. Systems supported include Novec, Pro-Inert, FM200 and other open standard systems.

Recommended Frequency: Twice Yearly.

Fire Alarm System Full Maintenance Service

  1. To test the standby batteries are fully charged and in good condition
  2. To test correct operation of the alarm system on standby batteries.
  3. To test that all break glass units are operational.
  4. To test that all bells or sirens are operational.
  5. To test the fault monitoring of all circuits associated with the system.
  6. To test the correct operation of any automatic detection devices on the system.
  7. To test the control panel for correct operation and any repeater or sub panels.
  8. To test the correct operation of any central station monitoring links.
  9. To test the systems wiring for any electrical faults or deterioration.
  10. To check the system for any visible damage, loose equipment etc.
  11. Ensure the system log book and records are correct and up to date.
  12. Remove and replace any damaged or faulty items. (At additional cost).
  13. To bring to the attention of the user any deviations of the British Standards for Fire Alarm Systems or any hazards which may impair the performance of the fire alarm system.
  14. To test the operation of any fire alarm signals/relays connected to plant shutdown, extinguishing systems or sprinkler systems.
  15. Issue a Certificate of Testing and Inspection on completion of each service visit.

The following checks will be carried out in accordance with BS 5306 Part 4 (where applicable) and BS 5306 Part 5 (where applicable).

  1. To check weight or liquid level on all pressure containers. If a container shows a loss in extinguishant quantity of more than 5 percent or a loss in pressure for super pressurized or liquefiable gases (adjusted for temperature) of more than 10 percent, it shall be refilled or replaced. When the amount of extinguishant in the container is determined by special measuring devices, these devices shall be listed.All extinguishant removed from containers during service or maintenance procedures shall be collected and recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner and in accordance with existing laws and regulations.Note:
    The date of inspection, person performing the inspection shall be recorded on a tag to the container.
  2. To check all pressure gauges and associated devices (where applicable).
  3. All system hoses shall be examined annually for damage. If visual examination shows any deficiency, the hose shall be replaced
  4. To examine pilot actuation lines and firing mechanisms
  5. To check discharge pipework and nozzles are all in place and secure.
  6. At least every twelve months, the enclosure protected by the gaseous extinguishant shall be thoroughly inspected to determine if penetrations or other changes have occurred that could adversely affect extinguishant leakage or change volume of hazard or both. Where the inspection indicates that conditions that could result in inability to maintain the extinguishant concentration, they shall be corrected or the system redesigned to provide the original degree of protection.If uncertainty still exists, the enclosures shall be retested for integrity in accordance with Part 3 of this Code of Practice or equivalent National/ European standard. The Integrity Test will be charged as a variation to the contract price unless an annual integrity test is shown on the within the contract schedule.
  7. To check that all signage to the protected area is correct and in place.
  8. To bring to the attention of the user any deviations of the British Standards for fire extinguishing installations.
  9. To issue a Certificate of Testing and Inspection on completion of each service visit.

Support Plans

Room Integrity Test

The maximum validity of any room Integrity test is 12 months. This validity is reduced if any works likely to affect the room integrity are carried out. Workspace Technology recommends an annual room Integrity Test as part of the Fire Suppression Service Contract.  Read more...

Room Inspection and Sealing

This support plan option provides a full inspection of the fuel delivery system and includes fuel polishing to remove moisture and debris.  Read more...

Fire Suppression Bottle Hydrostatic Retesting

Fire suppression gas bottles require hydrostatic retesting and recertification by the manufacturer every 10 years. The hydrostatic retesting process involves the removal of your fire bottles, return to manufacturer where the gas is removed, bottles pressure tested and then re-gassed and recertified for a10 year period.  Read more...


Fire Suppression

Workspace Technology provides services packages for a complete range of fire suppression technology including Novec, Pro-Inert, FM200 and other open standard systems.

Published June 2015

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