• Support

    Planned preventative & emergency callout maintenance

    Workspace Technology offers a range of planned preventative maintenance, 24 x 365 callout service contracts and site facilities engineers to ensure critical system availability is maintained.


  • InTouch

    Online Remote Managed Services

    Provides remote monitoring & fault management of your mission critical power, data centre infrastructure, environmental and security assets.


  • Consult

    Consultancy, Audit & Survey Services

    help optimise operations and to improve energy efficiency. Consult includes a range of specialist surveys, audits and optimisation services.


  • Facilities

    Site infrastructure management

    provides ongoing management and general maintenance, ensuring your entire mission critical space is in peak operational condition.


  • Engage

    Data Centre Design, Planning and Deployment Service

    allow you to concentrate on your core competencies and be dependent on UK industry established experts to deliver the project and associated services.


Support: Planned and Contract Maintenance Services


Workspace Technology’s ‘Support’ offers a wide range of service contract packages in order to suit your business criticality demands.

Our service offering includes air-conditioning systems, chilled water, UPS, generator, fire suppression, environmental monitoring, DCIM and associated mission critical infrastructure.

Core Support Services Includes:

Planned Preventative Maintenance Service Plans

Regular planned preventative maintenance helps improve system availability by undertaking manufacturers recommended inspections, adjustments, lubrication and replacement. Planned maintenance helps identify undetected problems reducing the probability of unplanned equipment breakdowns.  Read more...

Emergency Callout Services

Emergency call out provides customers the re-assurance that a field service engineer will be despatched to site in the event of an unplanned equipment failure.  Read more...

Optimisation Services

Data Centres Energy Optimisation address data centre imbalances by fine tuning system settings and configuration arrangements with the aim of achieving optimum energy performance.  Read more...

Data Service Partner Selection

The “roll down” table provides a guide on what to look for when selecting a service contract partner indicating the priority level.

View Data Centre Service Partner Selection Guide


Optimised Data Centre Service Contract

Download brochure to learn more about Workspace Technology’s approach to “Optimised” data centre service contracts.

Published May 2016

Engineering And Support Services

Workspace Technology’s Engineering & Support Services team is committed to service excellence and will support your mission critical infrastructure throughout its lifetime.

Published June 2017

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