• Support

    Planned preventative & emergency callout maintenance

    Workspace Technology offers a range of planned preventative maintenance, 24 x 365 callout service contracts and site facilities engineers to ensure critical system availability is maintained.


  • InTouch

    Online Remote Managed Services

    Provides remote monitoring & fault management of your mission critical power, data centre infrastructure, environmental and security assets.


  • Consult

    Consultancy, Audit & Survey Services

    help optimise operations and to improve energy efficiency. Consult includes a range of specialist surveys, audits and optimisation services.


  • Facilities

    Site infrastructure management

    provides ongoing management and general maintenance, ensuring your entire mission critical space is in peak operational condition.


  • Engage

    Data Centre Design, Planning and Deployment Service

    allow you to concentrate on your core competencies and be dependent on UK industry established experts to deliver the project and associated services.


Engage: Computer Room Services, Data Centre Design, Planning and Deployment

Data centre design, planning and deployment service

engageThis represents our approach to aspects of computer rooms building system and data centre design, planning, deployment and project management services. Workspace Technology’s engage allows you to concentrate on your core competencies and be dependent on UK industry established experts to deliver the project and associated services.

The key deliverables of the engage process are:

  • Understanding of businesses requirements
  • Articulating the business requirements in a proposal and associated design
  • Implementing the solution as per the agreed design in accordance with business requirements
  • Sign-off of the solution and migration to ongoing support and maintenance services

Building Systems & Data Centre Design

During the design phase, an understanding of the customer’s business needs and the resulting solution is reached. During definition, the customer’s requirements are agreed and the solution defined. From the requirements, high-level design activities shape the proposed solution.

The data centre design process involves workshops, “blue sky thinking” style design sessions and internal design sessions as appropriate, to fine tune options.

Workspace Technology’s data centre design engineers access contemporary design techniques based on “right size” energy efficient, modular systems which eliminate traditional unique “one off” engineering.

Our Building Systems and Data Centre design consultant engineers match business availability requirements to incorporate modular, scalable systems and products that can grow inline with growth demands. Standardised modular architecture reduces capital costs, as infrastructure size is scaled to function more closely with present I.T requirements, rather than building out initial capacity to support the maximum projected requirements.

Our team will produce detailed designs and recommend the most appropriate installation techniques to suit the site environment. Using our data centre design methodology and based on traffic or electrical loading calculations, Workspace Technology will engineer all aspects of Building Systems and Data Centre cooling, airflow, power protection/distribution, I.T server infrastructure, fire protection and training, to deliver a complete turnkey solution installed to perform to our exacting specifications.


Planning & Project Management

The planning defines the implementation process of the data centre or building solution and is managed by a project manager. The assigned, dedicated Workspace Technology project manager will consult and work with the client to produce a programme that includes:

  • Deliverables and acceptance criteria awareness
  • Organisation Chart
  • Method Statements
  • Risk and Health & Safety assessments
  • The pre-defined acceptance tests.


Workspace Technology provides a comprehensive multi-disciplined installation service for all aspects of Data Centre Design and Build Solutions, Building Systems and Interior Solutions.

Workspace Technology will provide:-

  • Deployment though certified and experienced engineers
  • System commissioning to ensure integrity and conformity
  • Load Bank Testing

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