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Data Centre Audit Services Overview


To compliment our data centre planned preventative maintenance services Workspace Technology recommends an annual Data Centre Audit.

Data Centre environments house critical processes that must remain operational. Without these critical processes, there would be a significant impact on the success of the company. It is important to remember that it is often significantly less expensive to invest in mitigating a risk of downtime, than to recover from the event after it occurs.

Workspace Technology’s Data Centre Audit is intended to provide a comprehensive review of the existing data centre or server room facility. This review is designed to help identify both good and bad practice and help clients reduce the risk of downtime. Recommendations and guidance outlined within the Data Centre Audit service are produced inline with the following standards:

  • European Commissions Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency “Best Practices” Guide.
  • TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centres
  • Green Grid Recommendations
  • ASHREA Standards
  • Uptime Institute Recommendations

Workspace Technology’s Data Centre Audit Service’s help customers focus on the fulfilment of data centre “Best Practice”. Implementation of recommendations detailed within a Data Centre Audit will help increase reliability, reduces human error and deliver clients with the best value reducing total cost of ownership through reduced capital, operating and energy costs.

Minimum recommended frequency: Yearly


Audit Report Schedule of Works

The Engineer undertaking the audit will complete a detailed report document. The detailed audit report will review each item and make comments in relation to findings and produce detailed recommendations where issues are identified and improvements can be made.

Detailed Audit Schedule of Works

  1. Review general data centre environment including room tidiness and cleanliness.Review documentation, including availability of manual’s, drawings and schematics. Review mechanisms for updating documentation. Also to review room, rack, equipment and cable level labelling systems. Review any local planning or landlords approvals
  2. Audit the general data centre building including integrity and décor to validate that the infrastructure is fit for purpose
  3. Check ceiling grid systems for integrity, and ensure spaces are clear and free of debris
  4. Check room access and exit arrangements including security and alarm system associated with access
  5. Check raised access floor systems to ensure these are in good condition and fit for purpose. Investigate floor void depth, and review alignment and cable wire way and traywork routing to ensure clear airflow where applicable
  6. Review general room layout in relation to equipment cabinets and airflow arrangements
  7. Identify cooling equipment, capacity, resilience and airflow arrangements in relation to the critical load. Review free and economised cooling capability
  8. Identify hot and cold air separation, cabinet alignment, aisle containment strategies, return air plenums, obstructions and rack level airflow
  9. Review general fire protection and suppression arrangements
  10. Review I.T cabling infrastructure installation standards and suitability
  11. Identify racks, associated layouts and airflow arrangements
  12. Review power and I.T / Control wireways and containment systems
  13. Identify room security arrangements
  14. Review electrical power arrangements, distribution boards, lighting and earthing
  15. Identify UPS systems, configuration, autonomy, bypass and shutdown procedures. Review efficiency and modularity in relation to the critical load
  16. Identify generator systems, location and power transfer arrangements
  17. Identify environmental and security monitoring including temperature, humidity, leak detection, Volt Free contacts and BMS interface systems
  18. Review and identify metering and energy measurement arrangements. Identify ability to measure total facility power, critical power, PUE and DCiE readings
  19. Review energy collection and reporting methodologies.
  20. Identify support and planned preventative maintenance services

Priority Levels

The audit service will allocate priority levels against recommendations. These priority levels are made in direct relation to room reliability or energy efficiency.

Reliability = R
Energy = E

Priority Level Comments Recommended Actions
R-Low There is a noted problem, which has no operational effect and zero or limited impact on the overall room MTBF. Implement as part of on going room policies.
R-Medium There is a noted problem, which will have some limited effect on room operations and will have an effect on overall room MTBF. Implement when budgets are available
R-High There is a key problem which will have a key effect on both room operations and room MTBF Implement at the earliest opportunity.
R-Critical There is a major problem that will provide a significant impact on both room operations and MTBF This should be corrected ASAP.
E-Low There is a noted problem which will have minor effects on energy efficiency Implement as part of on going room policies
E-Medium There is a noted problem that have some measurable effects on room energy efficiency Implement when budgets are available
E-High There a major problem that will have a significant impact on the room energy efficiency Implement at the earliest opportunity.

Measurements & Readings Included Within the Data Centre Audit Service

Item Details Notes
Temperature & Humidity Multiple measurements will be taken throughout the room with a hand held Fluke 971 digital meter. Recordings are made of measurements for presentation as part of the audit document. Where drawings are available reading will be overlaid for visual review
Critical Load Where UPS or local PDU meters are available critical load reading will be taken to assess the total critical load. Basic audit excludes direct clamp meter measurements where no meters are available.
Total Facility Power Where local meters are available if practical meter readings will be take to asses the total facility power Basic audit excludes direct clamp meter measurements where no meters are available
Power Usage Effectiveness Where our engineers are able to obtain critical load and total facility power readings detailed above a room PUE reading This is a “snap shot” figure only.



Data Centre Audit Schedule

Workspace Technology’s Data Centre Audit is intended to provide a comprehensive review of the existing data centre or server room facility. This review is designed to help identify both good and bad practice, help clients reduce the risk of downtime and improved PUE ratings.

Published June 2016

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