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CEEDA – Certified Energy Efficient Data Centre Award


What is CEEDA?

CEEDA is an international assessment based awards programme and can be achieved by organisations with data centre facilities anywhere in the world.

“CEEDA provides externally verifiable evidence that an organisation is implementing operational improvements, design improvements and evolving new measures that maximise energy efficiency.” – British Computer Society.


Workspace Technology Ltd’s industry recognised EcoDesign principals will be used in the design and build of your data centre, these principals are aligned with the requirements of the CEEDA accreditation, and will assist in the assessment process.
The assessment covers the following key areas within the data centre facility:

  • Data Centre operation and Utilization
  • IT equipment and services
  • Cooling
  • Power Equipment and Architecture
  • Physical Data Centre building
  • Monitoring

Assessors will require evidence that practices in the data centre are implemented and will review activities onsite at a level of detail. The Assessor will produce a detailed report of their findings and make an award recommendation to BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

The Institute will review the recommendation and if appropriate award a Gold, Silver or Bronze level. The organization also receives a comprehensive report and detailed action plan for improvement which identifies the steps required to progress to the next Award level if appropriate.

Award criteria – What will you be checked against?

Assessors will be looking at your whole data centre operation, including: processes, technologies and personnel.
CEEDA also takes into account the differences between newly built facilities and those whose potential efficiency is often restricted by age and building type.


CEEDA Gold demonstrates a “best-in-class” capability for data centre energy efficiency. Gold provides the greatest differentiation for your data centre because it demonstrates that your data centre can meet advanced standards of energy use including a low annualized PUE and economized cooling.


CEEDA Silver demonstrates an advanced capability for data centre energy efficiency. Silver provides advanced differentiation for your data centre because it demonstrates that your data centre can meet strict standards of energy use including maximizing unused existing capability and installing a high efficiency UPS.


CEEDA Bronze demonstrates a high capability for data centre energy efficiency. Bronze provides differentiation your data centre because it demonstrates that your data centre can meet strict standards of: energy use including energy management, environmental measurement and cooling plant efficiency.

The Benefits

CEEDA has been specifically designed to help organizations to:

  • Gain industry recognition and public acknowledgement for energy efficiency best practice
  • Distinguish them as an industry leader
  • Meet the needs of increasing carbon legislation
  • Harness major cost savings through energy efficiency
  • Demonstrate to their clients their commitment to energy efficiency
  • Receive advice and recommendations for energy efficiency improvement

How can we obtain CEEDA Accreditation?

In collaboration with independent partners, accredited by The British Computer Society Workspace Technology Ltd will make the necessary arrangements for the inspection and accreditation process, all of our proposals and quotations include this information.
To find out more about CEEDA and the award criteria contact Workspace Technology Ltd on 0121 354 4894 or

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