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Dudley MBC Reduce CO2 Emissions by Over 30%

26th, July 2010

Workspace Technology is pleased to be working with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to help develop and improve their data centre estate. As part of this project a new state-of-the-art 30 rack 160Kw capacity data centre facility has been created.

Workspace Technology worked with both the ICT and Facilities teams to understand both their business and technical requirements. As a result, highly energy efficient rear rack cooling technology was combined with chilled water and free air dry cooler units.

To eliminate the Council's concerns associated with liquids within the data centre, Workspace Technology specified the AquaVac leak prevention system. This system means that the local data centre refrigerant loop is at a negative pressure, thus ensuring that any pipework integrity issues will not lead to water leaks within the critical space.

Workspace Technology specified APC’s Symmetra PX160 UPS chassis which was “right sized” with enough 16KW power modules to support the initial load. Workspace Technology also specified its EcoMeasure solution which provided the Council with a comprehensive range of accurate energy readings including PUE, DCiE and UPS efficiency. The deployment of the EcoMeasure system will enable the Council to closely monitoring energy performance within the data centre.

Workspace Technology anticipates PUE ratings of less than 1.3 with figures below 1.2 during extended cold weather periods.

The data centre investment has been made by the Council in line with its ongoing strategy to improve its compute performance through virtualisation and technology refreshes. It is anticipated that the combined installation will reduce operational energy costs by nearly 50% compared to their current data centre real estate.

The New Government call for real action on CO2 reduction

Speaking to staff at the Department of Energy and Climate Change on the 14th May, the Prime Minister said:

“I don’t want to hear warm words about the environment. I want to see real action. I want this to be the greenest government ever. So today, taking our lead from 10:10, I commit us to a ten percent reduction in carbon emissions across central government in the next twelve months. You’ll be driving this forward. But I have also made sure all Cabinet ministers are involved, developing plans to show how they will meet their share”.

“And to those who say this is insignificant, remember this: the UK’s public sector has a bigger carbon footprint than the entire waste industry; if we do this, we’ll cut the Government’s energy bills by hundreds of millions of pounds.”

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