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    Workspace Technology delivers innovative evaporative free air cooling solutions within the data centre environment.


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    Freecool� Evaporative Free Air Cooling delivers significant energy reductions when deployed in data centre or server room environments.


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    Freecool� technology makes the use of outside air to cool data centre or commercial environments.


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Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling “Cool Wall” Backup Technology

Workspace Technology’s in house data centre design team has developed a low cost “instant” response mechanical backup system. This system is aimed at clients that need re-assurance against air quality issues or if they require re-circulation mode following a fire suppression activation event.

Workspace Technology’s “Cool Wall” consists of 200mm deep chilled water coils that are located inside the Freecool® mixing box. The Cool Wall system is normally in standby mode. Following the activation of a volt free contact from and independent “fire” signal or alternatively via and air quality sampling system a “remote on” signal will be initiated from the Freecool® PLC control panel. This signal will turn on the standby by chilled water system supporting the Cool Wall.

Workspace Technology typically designs the Cool Wall to support air off temperatures of 24ºC at 21ºC chilled water flow temperatures. The chiller systems are configured with an insulated buffer tank sized to maintain a chilled water reserve Following an activation from a “remote on” signal from the Freecool® control panel the Cool Wall will start up. Chiller pumps will be operational and at full speed within a matter of seconds ensuring water is flowing through the Cool Wall circuit. The chilled water reserves will ensure cooling capacity is maintained inside the data centre until the chiller compressors ramp up to full operating speed.

The Cool Wall backup option offered by Workspace Technology removes any remaining objections from a diminishing number of data centre operators against the deployment of direct fresh air cooling technology.

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