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    Workspace Technology delivers innovative evaporative free air cooling solutions within the data centre environment.


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    Freecool� Evaporative Free Air Cooling delivers significant energy reductions when deployed in data centre or server room environments.


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    Freecool� technology makes the use of outside air to cool data centre or commercial environments.


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Freecool Applications in the Data Centre

Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling delivers significant energy reductions when deployed in data centre or server room environments.

Benefits of Deployment:

  • <1.1 PUE Performance
  • 10kW to 1MW Modular Designs
  • Close Temperature Control
  • Power Protection possible via UPS Systems
  • Frees up valuable power for Critical Server Equipment
  • Extends the Life of Existing Data Centre Facilities
  • Heat Recovery Options

Freecool® data centre free cooling systems by Workspace Technology Ltd provide the ultimate energy efficiency and resilience, maximising uptime and reducing energy consumption to a fraction of conventional data centre cooling.

The technology has an established track record delivering economic results in warehouse environments. Workspace Technology’s integrated Freecool® solution harnesses the system’s significant economic and environmental qualities and combines it with contemporary design methodology to deliver a robust and proven site solution.

Typically Workspace Technology implements the solution as part of a complete turnkey design and build, renovation or upgrade project.

Freecool® solutions by Workspace Technology integrate evaporative coolers with engineered airflow management and intelligent PLC control systems to revolutionise the use of evaporative cooling technology within the data centre environment.

This technology delivers consistent equipment inlet temperatures of 21ºC to 24ºC depending on client preferences.


Workspace Technology’s Freecool® systems definitive modularity allows deployments from 10kW to 1MW, ensuring future proofed, pay as you grow technology.

Close Temperature Control

Comprehensive intelligent process controls maintain compliant temperatures together with all of the connectivity required for the secure and safe operation of complete system.

UPS systems Support

Our systems can be maintained with UPS support only, ensuring greater resilience and improved uptime during any potential power outages.

Our systems are deployed in ever increasing numbers at data centres throughout the UK, from St Andrews in Scotland to Poole in Dorset.

Workspace Technology will be happy to undertake a review to confirm the practicality of deployment.

Please contact Sales on 0121 354 4894 or contact us.

Savings Calculator

Our calculator will help you estimate the savings you will make with Freecool®.

Existing Cooling Capacity
N +1 ?
Critical Load
KW per Hour Cost (e.g. £0.1)
Your savings
Tonnes CO2 Reduction
Carbon Tax Saving (assuming £12 per tonne)
Savings per annum


Energy efficient Industry-leading <1.1 PUEs

Freecool® typically uses 10% or less of the electricity required to power conventional computer room air conditioning (CRAC), practically put, the average data centre in the UK has a critical load of 300kW, a standard CRAC will use in the region of £130k in energy costs, it will consume around £8k in energy costs, offering annualized savings of £122k, of course with energy costs predicted to rise significantly over the next few years annualized savings will continue to grow. In terms of a PUE calculation it will deliver between 1.05 and 1.1 depending on the overall room design.

Where lack of potential power to manage expansion for existing I.T kit is a concern the system reduces energy consumption allowing a freeing up of valuable electrical capacity that can be more usefully used to power critical IT equipment and servers, reducing the necessity for, and cost of, new power or a move in location.


Environmentally Friendly - Reduce Carbon Footprint

As it uses a lot less electricity to run, Freecool’s carbon footprint is significantly reduced producing 10% or less of the carbon emissions of traditional CRAC units.

Large operators of Data Centre infrastructure may be subject to a carbon tax, in practical terms for each MW of cooling power consumed use of the system would reduce carbon emissions from approx 23,000 tonnes to around 1200 tonnes, a reduction of 21,800 tonnes, or in tax terms around £262k.


Maximises existing assets by extending their lives

Many legacy facilities offer perfectly practical facilities, however the cost of running data centre’s designed prior to expensive energy means that they are no longer economical. Freecool® systems can be deployed to extend the life of legacy facilities. Not only will it reduce running costs but it will free up power assets to support additional “critical” loads.

It can also be installed as an addition to existing conventional cooling. Typically the legacy cooling is switched off and Freecool® used to deliver primary functionality. The existing units will deliver increased redundancy and reduce significantly the energy costs associated with the facility.

Installations can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of totally replacing the data centre facility.


Typical Paybacks of 18 to 36 months

The deployment of the systems typically delivers a ROI of between 18 and 36 months. Workspace Technology Ltd provides details of potential ROI timeframe in all our proposals.

Why is this possible?

  • Low Cost of Installation compared to Traditional Cooling Technology
  • Exceptional PUE Performance Figures of <1.1
  • Escalating Energy Costs


Heat Recovery

Where areas adjacent to the data centre require heating, Workspace Technology deploy “cross flow heat exchanger” technology. The cross flow heat exchanger allows heat to be transferred directly from the outlet air to the make up air through the separating walls of the heat exchanger. The hot make up air can be distributed to adjacent space through existing or a dedicated HVAC system.

Where our systems can be configured to heat other workspace areas, further energy savings can be made.

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