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  • EcoDesign

    EcoDesign™ represents Workspace Technology’s commitment to help clients reduce their carbon footprint through the deployment of energy efficient technology and design.


  • Construction

    Creating the space through planning, design, installation and data centre construction services.


  • Cooling

    Efficient cooling and airflow deployed through a range of data centre air conditioning, free cooling technology, aisle containment and airflow management.


  • Fire Suppression

    Mission critical environments through the installation of fire detection and fire supression systems.


  • Technical

    Technical infrastructure & technology including structured cabling equipment racks & accessories, communications and related technical services.


  • Engineering

    Powering architecture through LV switchgear, mechanical and critical distribution, PDUs, power generators, UPS systems and intelligent rack distribution.


  • Management

    Proactive management, environmental monitoring & security incorporating data centre management, environmental and physical security, monitoring and energy management solutions.


  • Micro Datacentre & Hub Rooms

    “Micro” Data Centre and “Repeatable” Hub Rooms solutions are designed to address the requirements of small server rooms, comms rooms and wiring closet environments.


Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

PDU’s are purpose made Power Distribution Units designed specifically to support critical loads within data centres, or server and communication room environments. PDU’s are designed to facilitate the safe and quick installation of additional power deployments to support the dynamic changes which inevitably occur due to I.T refreshes.

By engaging Workspace Technology, you benefit from industry leading expertise. We offer a range of innovative PDU technology which is ideal for data centre environments. Excellent build quality is inherent in all our PDU’s. The deployment of PDU’s throughout your data centre delivers real operational and commercial benefits.

Standard Power Distribution Unit


Floor standing PDU’s are manufactured to support both raised and non-raised floor environments. All units are built to Form 4 Type 2 standard to allow for safe additions and changes to the field wiring.

Our standard presentation is through the deployment of Merlin Gerin Isobar Multi 9 pan assembly technology. The Isobar has a unique busbar disconnection system for unused busbar tee-offs and a switched neutral feature into the Isobar chassis. The Isobar assemblies are pre-wired to the field distribution connection point providing users with one of the safest systems on the market. PDU sizes range from 36 to 108 MCB’s within a single housing.

All pan assembly breaker fields are presented behind a clear screen with access doors. PDU’s can be built for both perimeter and “end of aisle” configurations.

All of our PDU’s are built with Schneider Electric PM750 meter technology for both local and remote viewing of power, current and voltage utilisation. These are essential when determining data centre Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) calculations.

Our PDU’s also include mesh covers allowing for thermal imaging as well as an emergency shut down facility.

A number of options are available to tailor Standard PDU’s to suit customer demands:-

  • Isolation transformer to reduce harmonics
  • Active Harmonic Filters (AHFs)
  • Electronic Surge Protection (ESP)
  • Pre-wired Commando plug and sockets
  • Modular wiring options for outgoing circuits

Intelligent ePDUs

Increased server power consumption has made the management of rack critical power supplies and their energy consumption an essential objective for the data centre manager, as detailed PM750 meters are installed within our Standard PDU’s.

Workspace Technology also offer intelligent “energy” Power Distribution Units (ePDU) which provide power monitoring on all out going circuits. Workspace Technology’s ePDU systems incorporate advanced technology, configured to provide final circuit current, power and energy monitoring down to the individual equipment rack level. Alarms, status diagnostics and essential measurements, are also integrated to ensure effective critical power management.


The ePDU delivers continuous control of critical power systems. Also, with the ‘at a glance’ PDU diagnostic, you can establish the nature and cause of problems before they arise.

Intelligent ePDUs features:

  • Accurate “critical power” measurements, inline with Green Grid Level 3 PUE calculation recommendations
  • Centralised integration of events and alarm logs
  • ‘Critical’ and ‘Non-critical’ volt-free alarms with onboard logs for connection to the data centre monitoring system
  • Managed effectively with final circuit energy (kWh), real power (kW), current (A), apparent power (kVA) and power factor monitoring
  • Optional local 7.4″ colour touchscreen display to view all values and alarms on graphical status mimics
  • Improved security with external door status and activity log.


LV Switchgear PDU Brochure

Workspace Technology’s data centre experts design and install LV panel board and associated power distribution to match the availability and performance of the most demanding environments.

Published January 2012

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