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  • EcoDesign

    EcoDesign™ represents Workspace Technology’s commitment to help clients reduce their carbon footprint through the deployment of energy efficient technology and design.


  • Construction

    Creating the space through planning, design, installation and data centre construction services.


  • Cooling

    Efficient cooling and airflow deployed through a range of data centre air conditioning, free cooling technology, aisle containment and airflow management.


  • Fire Suppression

    Mission critical environments through the installation of fire detection and fire supression systems.


  • Technical

    Technical infrastructure & technology including structured cabling equipment racks & accessories, communications and related technical services.


  • Engineering

    Powering architecture through LV switchgear, mechanical and critical distribution, PDUs, power generators, UPS systems and intelligent rack distribution.


  • Management

    Proactive management, environmental monitoring & security incorporating data centre management, environmental and physical security, monitoring and energy management solutions.


  • Micro Datacentre & Hub Rooms

    “Micro” Data Centre and “Repeatable” Hub Rooms solutions are designed to address the requirements of small server rooms, comms rooms and wiring closet environments.


Battery Design, Installation, Care and Monitoring Services

thumb-batteryBattery systems are the essential component that delivers continuity service to mission critical equipment under power failure conditions. It is therefore imperative that battery systems designed, installed and service by experienced and expert engineers.

Workspace Technology provides a wide range of battery services, including design installation, maintenance, replacement and disposal.

Our Battery Services:

  • UPS Battery system design
  • Standard and bespoke battery installation services
  • Battery maintenance including impedance testing, battery inspections and battery cleaning services,
  • Battery replacement & battery disposal services
  • Specialist Battery Monitoring Services

Battery Design Services

Workspace Technology’s mission critical engineers can advise on all aspects of battery design.

An effective battery design will ensure your core systems are protected.  Read more...

Battery Installation Services

Workspace Technology’s provides comprehensive UPS and battery installation service for our customer across the UK.

Our specialist teams will provide battery builds as part of a battery replacement programme or as a turnkey mission critical power or data centre installation.  Read more...

Battery Maintenance

Workspace Technology provides a range of comprehensive battery testing and maintenance as part of an overall UPS service contract.  Read more...

Sentinel Battery Monitoring

80% of UPS failures are due to undetected battery problems. When battery failure is not on option Workspace Technology offers PowerShield Sentinel Battery Monitoring systems.  Read more...

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