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  • EcoDesign

    EcoDesign™ represents Workspace Technology’s commitment to help clients reduce their carbon footprint through the deployment of energy efficient technology and design.


  • Construction

    Creating the space through planning, design, installation and data centre construction services.


  • Cooling

    Efficient cooling and airflow deployed through a range of data centre air conditioning, free cooling technology, aisle containment and airflow management.


  • Fire Suppression

    Mission critical environments through the installation of fire detection and fire supression systems.


  • Technical

    Technical infrastructure & technology including structured cabling equipment racks & accessories, communications and related technical services.


  • Engineering

    Powering architecture through LV switchgear, mechanical and critical distribution, PDUs, power generators, UPS systems and intelligent rack distribution.


  • Management

    Proactive management, environmental monitoring & security incorporating data centre management, environmental and physical security, monitoring and energy management solutions.


  • Micro Datacentre & Hub Rooms

    “Micro” Data Centre and “Repeatable” Hub Rooms solutions are designed to address the requirements of small server rooms, comms rooms and wiring closet environments.


APC Air Distribution Products

Workspace Technology deploy APC Air Distribution products to help eliminate hot spots as part of its comprehensive strategy for computer room and data centre air conditioning and airflow management. APC Air Distribution products help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions when deployed intelligently within a server room or data centre environment.

A range of ACP Air Distribution Products provide flexible deployment options.

  1. Wiring Closted Ventilation Units
  2. APC Hot Aisle Containment Systems
  3. APC Rack Air Removal Units
  4. APC Rack Air Distribution Units
  5. Cabinet Blanking Panel

1. APC Wiring Closted Ventilation Unit

apc-air-1Wiring closet heat loads are rising due to deployment of technologies such as VoIP and Power over Ethernet. Many closets where these technologies are being deployed are not designed with adequate cooling. The Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit is a rapidly deployable wall or ceiling mounted heat removal system designed specifically for the wiring closet environment. By exhausting hot air from the closet to an adjacent space, it allows conditioned air (entering through the Air Intake Grill) to cool the load. This budget conscious unit is an excellent alternative to more expensive air-conditioning systems, providing reliable heat removal with the capability to lower closet temperatures by up to 40ºF (22ºC). If plugged into a UPS, it can also be used as a back-up heat removal system to an already existing air-conditioning unit to maximize system availability in the event of a power failure. Dual fans increase availability while LED status indicators and dry contact outputs enhance the unit’s manageability. Selectable fan speeds allow the user to choose between maximum performances.

Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit

Rapidly deployable wall or ceiling mounted heat removal system for wiring closets

2. APC Hot Aisle Containment

APC’s Hot Aisle Air containment systems increase cooling predictability in extreme high density environments within rack level solutions that neutralize the hot exhaust air at the rack or row level.


With this solution, high density technology clustered together in two rows of cabinets within the general data centre floor space. These systems are deployed with In-Row computer room air conditioning units which will provide cold air to the front of the equipment cabinets. A containment system is used to enclosed and prevent the escape of hot cabinet exhaust air into the general data centre environment. The In-Row cooling units will then draw the hot air back and re-circulate as cold air to the front of the cabinets.

This approach effectively eliminates mixing of cold and hot air maximising system efficiency. There is a neutral impact on the overall server room environment.


Space planning is important in the deployment of such systems as typically there will be a requirement for a least 8 cabinet footprints distributed over two rows. These may sit within a self contained room or be part of a general data centre floor space.

APC’s Hot Aisle Containment systems are included as part of Workspace Technology’s Cold Aisle Corridor passive air conditioning and airflow solutions.

Please visit for further details of Workspace Technology’s full range of passive cooling technology options.

3. APC Rack Air Removal Units

apc-air-5APC’s Rack Air Removal Units will provide enhanced air flow and are designed to assist base and supplemental cooling systems. Rack Air Removal Units are designed to improve the airflow within a high density server cabinet. Very often the internal server fans are not adequate to force the cold air through the system.

An APC Rack Air Removal Unit form part of the cabinet rear door assembly of a server cabinet. A row of vertical fans will assist in removing the hot air from the equipment cabinet. Options include ducting where enclosed hot air plenum returns are installed. The use of variable speed fans help improve performance and power consumption.

An APC Rack Air Removal Unit will improve cooling performance by up to 7Kw.

Rack Air Removal Unit SX – Performance heat removal for high-density equipment in NetShelter SX and VX enclosures.

4. APC Rack Air Distribution Units

APC Rack Air Distribution units provide enhanced air flow and are designed to assist base and supplemental cooling. The Rack Air Distribution unit will fit at the bottom of a server cabinet. It is designed to draw air from the raised floor plenum and force the air to the font of the equipment cabinet. The APC Rack Air Distribution product will assist performance load sharing techniques improving rate of flow to the target cabinet. The Rack Air Distribution Unit will improve effective cooling by up to 3Kw.

Rack Air Distribution Unit
Air Distribution for Power Dense Enclosures and Low Pressure Areas.

Rack Side Air Distribution Unit
Air distribution for networking equipment with side to side airflow.

5. Cabinet Blanking Panels

One of the most fundamental mistakes made within a server room is allowing exhaust air to re circulate back through an equipment cabinet which creates an over heating problem. Reducing the bulk air supply temperature to over come this will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning system and create the need for supplemental humidification.

The cabinet recirculation issues can simply be prevented by the installation of blanking panels on all empty cabinet space.


Blanking panel systems are included as part of Workspace Technology’s Cold Aisle Corridor passive air conditioning and airflow solutions.

Please visit for further details of Workspace Technology’s full range of passive cooling technology options.


FlexAisle Brochure

FlexAisle® provides a simple and cost effective passive method for eliminating the mixing of hot and cold airflows within a Data Centre or Server Room environment. The goal of FlexAisle® is to maximise the performance, uptime and life expectancy whilst reducing operating costs.

Published January 2012

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