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  • EcoDesign

    EcoDesign™ represents Workspace Technology’s commitment to help clients reduce their carbon footprint through the deployment of energy efficient technology and design.


  • Construction

    Creating the space through planning, design, installation and data centre construction services.


  • Cooling

    Efficient cooling and airflow deployed through a range of data centre air conditioning, free cooling technology, aisle containment and airflow management.


  • Fire Suppression

    Mission critical environments through the installation of fire detection and fire supression systems.


  • Technical

    Technical infrastructure & technology including structured cabling equipment racks & accessories, communications and related technical services.


  • Engineering

    Powering architecture through LV switchgear, mechanical and critical distribution, PDUs, power generators, UPS systems and intelligent rack distribution.


  • Management

    Proactive management, environmental monitoring & security incorporating data centre management, environmental and physical security, monitoring and energy management solutions.


  • Micro Datacentre & Hub Rooms

    “Micro” Data Centre and “Repeatable” Hub Rooms solutions are designed to address the requirements of small server rooms, comms rooms and wiring closet environments.


Micro Data Centres & IT Hub Rooms

Small Server Room, Communications Room & Wiring Closet, Infrastructure Solutions

image13-38Ongoing I.T deployments, high-density computing, blade servers and power hungry PoE IP switches all contribute to pressures on rack space, power and cooling within communications room and wiring closet environments.

In addition concerns around latency are driving the need for applications such as industrial process control where processing delays need to be minimised and others like content distribution networks that need to place data closer to the point of consumption due to bandwidth considerations are helping drive an increased demand for local ‘Edge’ computing technology.

The criticality of computing and network functions performed in these edge environments is no less important than those functions performed in larger corporate data centres or within the cloud.

Micro Data Centre Design Tool

Design and View 3D Virtual Data Centre Tour in less than a minute

Start Design Tool

Many small server room, comms room and wiring closet environments that support core and edge computing have developed organically over time. As additional equipment and services have evolved it is very common for these rooms to become cluttered with poor I.T cabling, unsuitable power and inappropriate or undersized cooling systems.

‘Micro’ Data Centres by Workspace Technology are designed to house both core and edge I.T functions critical to the operation of both SME and corporate business enterprises. Workspace Technology’s Micro Data Centre solutions address the fundamentals of racks, power, cooling, wiring, security and environmental monitoring requirements. Workspace Technology work with clients to help renovate, relocate and provide new build server room, comms room and wiring closet ‘Micro’ Data Centre solutions applying the same “best practice” design principles that are common place in large corporate and cloud based data centres.

Micro Data Centre Design, Space Planning & Construction

Workspace Technology’s experienced data centre design consultants will undertake design & planning services for your Micro Data Centre environment.  Read more...

Wiring & Rack Infrastructure

Wiring closet cabling services include: new installs, rack re-builds, relocation, or extending existing cable infrastructure. We supply a range of open frame and enclosed equipment rack systems.  Read more...

Power & Cooling

Workspace Technology offers a wide range of cooling and airflow solutions designed to support Micro Data Centre environments maximising energy efficiency.  Read more...

Environmental Monitoring & Security

Workspace Technology offers a range of scalable environmental monitoring and security solutions which are ideal for Micro Data Centre environments.  Read more...

Repeatable IT Hub Rooms

Workspace Technology Repeatable IT Hub Rooms are designed for large buildings, campus and distributed office environments helping reduce costs using standardised components and layouts.  Read more...

Micro Data Centre Design Tool

This tool enables data centre managers to produce and visualise customised Micro Data Centre designs in less than a minute.

A 3D Virtual Tour is available to view and to download subject to conditions of use.  Read more...


Micro Data Centre Brochure

Small Server Room, Wiring Closet and Communications Room, Infrastructure Solutions

Published September 2016

Repeatable IT Hub Rooms Brochure

Repeatable IT Hub Rooms reduce costs through standardisation of racks, power, cooling & monitoring infrastructure

Published June 2016

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