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    EcoDesign™ represents Workspace Technology’s commitment to help clients reduce their carbon footprint through the deployment of energy efficient technology and design.


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    Mission critical environments through the installation of fire detection and fire supression systems.


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    “Micro” Data Centre and “Repeatable” Hub Rooms solutions are designed to address the requirements of small server rooms, comms rooms and wiring closet environments.


Modusec - Modular Secure Data Centre Construction

Data Centre Construction – the Modusec solution.

“ModuSec” is the UK’s leading data centre and server room modular construction product. The ModuSec system provides a clean and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques to deliver optimum protection for data and server equipment from Heat, Water, Smoke and Rodents.

ModuSec benefits at a glance:

  • Lightweight High Strength Material
  • Fast Construction Time
  • 90 Minute Fire Rated
  • Internal Temperatures will remain under 45°C for over 60 minutes
  • High Security Options
  • Internal or External Construction

Why Use ModuSec?

ModuSec uses lightweight, high strength, steel faced wall and ceiling panels with a ‘Pyrofoam’ core that provides a high performance thermal barrier. Panels simply lock together to form a protective enclosure that is quick and clean to build to any size. The pre finished panels require no decoration or maintenance. The system is independent of the existing structure and can be easily extended or relocated at any time..

ModuSec has been specifically designed to provide the correct levels of protection for computer hardware and media from external threats such as fire, water, smoke, dust, theft, vandalism and sabotage. High insulation properties effectively eliminate solar gain – saving energy in the process and providing a stable environment for cooling systems.

Traditional construction (block, plasterboard, etc) and panels systems with mineral wool or other foamed cores are not designed to protect IT hardware and media and will not address all of the issues required for critical IT environments and data centres.

Rapid Assembly

System construction require no wet trades such as plastering, painting, etc and hence cause minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Ceiling/wall joints have preformed profiles that are simply dropped into place and fixed by steel angles. All joints are sealed with intumescent mastic (that swells under heat) between the panels and silicon mastic to seal against water.

This construction forms an immensely strong box to withstand external attack and the pressures generated by fire suppression gases (note that some gases do need additional overpressure facilities that we can also provide).

Small projects, such as a small room, can be constructed in a single day.

Fire Protection – Designed for IT Hardware & Media

Traditional fire rated materials such as block, brick, plasterboard or mineral wool panels etc. are rated under BS476/EN1364 to protect escape routes or building integrity to temperatures below 180°C for the rating period. However, whilst they may be rated for 60, 90 or even 120 minutes, critical temperatures for hardware and media will be very quickly exceeded – well within the rating period.

The European standard for computer room construction (EN1047-2) recommends a maximum rise of 50°C measured 100mm away from the protected face at 60 minutes.

ModuSec has a ‘traditional’ 90 minute rating, but more importantly, during a BS476 Pt 22 test with external temperatures rising to 950°C over 90 minutes, the internal temperature, measured on the protected face, stayed within the critical temperature for media for 75 minutes and hardware storage (50°C rise from around 15°C) for 83 minutes.

Energy Efficiency

ModuSec eliminates solar gain – saving power/energy and providing a stable environment for cooling systems. With the onslaught of Global Warming, regular 40ºC summers are forecast soon. ModuSec may allow a lower specification AC system and provide significant savings in running costs as well as lowering the carbon footprint of your site.

Strength of ModuSec Panels

ModuSec panels are very light (around 20 Kg/m2 for the standard panels), but incredibly strong. The compressive strength of the panels has been measured at almost 60,000 Kg/m2 (60 T/sqm) before collapse. This means that they can be used as floor panels as well.

The system is also approved for use with pressures of a constant +/- 350 Pa with a peak of 500 Pa. For pressures exceeding these we would recommend the utilization of pressure relief facilities.

High Security Options

The steel outer skin, slab construction and multipoint camlock system provide a good level of physical security (more than a brick/block wall would provide from a sledgehammer attack). However we can also provide the following options – independently tested by professional police entry teams and blast tested to specified technical standards (details on application):

Class 2 Panel Option: Forced attack protection for secure computer rooms or other high security environments. 2 layers of 3mm thick cross laid steel ‘diamond’ mesh foamed into panels and all joints further reinforced.

Class 3 Panel Option: As Class 2 but with an additional 20mm layer of anti cutting material in a steel sleeve with joints staggered from the main panels – to further frustrate the use of steel cutting tools and strengthen the joints. Class 3 panels (walls and ceilings) are 120mm thick.

As part of our Server Room services Workspace Technology provide a complete project design, build and management including all enabling works, electrical installation, UPS, generator, air conditioning, fire suppression, environmental monitoring, access control and raised floor plus server/comms racks.


Modusec Brochure

‘ModuSec’ is the UK’s leading data centre and server room modular construction product. The ModuSec system provides a clean and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques to deliver enhanced protection for data and server equipment from Heat, Water, Smoke and Rodents.

Published January 2012

Modusec Power Point PDF

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