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Data Centre Planning, Design & Build Made Easy

22nd, April 2017

The Traditional Approach

In today’s high tech world, data centres and IT systems are viewed as the way to create competitive advantage. Data centres enable the right insight to make better business decisions and have come a long way from simply keeping the lights on. Whilst the value and role of data centres may have changed, the way many organisations still approach the design & build has not. The “traditional” approach involves the engagement of consultants whom typically charge fees that range from 20% to 25% of the overall project cost. Using the traditional approach, each design is typically started from scratch, projects are often over engineered, and minor changes can result in major cost consequences. Design issues often through late deployment phases result in delays, cost overruns, wasted time and, potentially, a compromised system.

Data Centre Planning, Design & Build Made Easy

While it is true that each data centre project has unique requirements, they also have a lot in common and there is much to be gained by taking advantage of these commonalities.

Getting the right people involved, at the right time, focused on the right things is of fundamental importance to the success of a data centre project.

Workspace Technology is a company with over 12 years of experience in planning, designing & building data centre infrastructure. This invaluable experience enables Workspace Technology to deliver clients with value for money by reducing timescales and fees through the implementation of standardised data centre designs, which eliminate excessive capital outlay or overbuilding, is often the result of the “traditional” approach.

Workspace Technology follow a simple three-step process from initial planning, to detailed design, through to build and eventual life cycle support by the means of an optimised service and support contract.

Step 1 - Planning

Key Parameters - The first step is to establish the key system parameters, which include capacity (rack count), density (kW per rack), efficiency (tier rating), growth and budget constraints. The data centre location will also influence available design options.

Preferences & Constraints - Workspace Technology’s data centre design team will establish client preferences and identify constraints during the initial planning phase. For example, is there a preference for modular or traditional construction, is there suitable site access, what are the power limitations that will influence the initial concept design?

Concept Design - Workspace Technology’s team will develop the initial data centre concept from our extensive range of reference design templates.

Step 2 - Design

Once the initial data centre planning parameters and data centre specifications have been identified, Workspace Technology’s data centre design team will move to the next step and develop the initial concept design.

Detailed Proposals - Workspace Technology’s team will produce a detailed technical proposal document including detailed design drawings, 3D models, a costing schedule and selected product information. The detailed proposal provides the client the opportunity to fully access design recommendations.

Design Review - During the review, the design team will explain selections and review options and alternatives with a view to agree final arrangements. This fine-tuning takes place to best match budgets, site and IT requirements of the business.

Approval - The final design and options schedule will be approved by all parties.

Step 3 Build

Develop Programme & Procure Services - The appointed Project Manager will review and develop programme details and work package sequencing with a view to improve constructability, increase granularity, and to develop accuracy of timelines.

Design Development - In parallel with programme development, Workspace Technology’s design team will further define the project requirements and finalise the scope, this process will help to remove and eliminate errors, omissions, ambiguities and conflicts finalising engineering calculations, electrical schematics, labelling, routing and positioning.

Installation - Workspace Technology will mobilise its team of internal resources and trusted partners in order to implement the data centre for the client.

For more information on Workspace Technology’s Data Centre Solutions please contact or call 0121 354 4894.

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