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Data Centre Design & Build Versus Consultancy & Contractor

17th, November 2010

It is widely recognised that the professional fees associated with building projects are typically in the region of 20% of the total project bill. When Data Centres are involved then these fees may increase considerably due to associated project complexities.

When businesses require Data Centre Construction traditionally the facilities team will engage a Consultancy practice to undertake data centre design works. Very often the consultants do not have the appropriate expertise or knowledge required to design contemporary energy efficient data centres. Even worse the data centre or server room may form part of a larger development and all to often it is treated no differently than the general office space with no dedicated mechanical or electrical services.

Over the last decade a new breed of specialist Data Centre Design and Build companies have evolved delivering an economically and technically superior alternative to the “traditional” approach. Specialist Data Centre Design and Build companies deliver significant advantage to clients, offering a range of expertise and knowledge required to ensure the Data Centre design is suitably engineered to effectively support the clients critical I.T equipment during its life.

Eliminating costs associated with traditional professional consulting practices, Data Centre Design and Build companies provide a combined Data Centre Design and Data Construction service. This approach helps improve project timelines and invariably reduces overall project costs. One of the most important benefits of the Design and Build approach is that the Data Centre will be purposely built to meet the I.T loads and will be compliant with best practice data centre design principles reducing ongoing energy costs and CO2 emissions throughout its life.

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