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5th, November 2021

If you haven’t heard about COP26 you must be hiding in smog somewhere!

But what’s COP26 all about?

The Conference of the Parties is an annual event that brings governments together to discuss and review how climate change is being managed domestically and internationally.

However, some of the most important climate change conversations won’t just happen at the COP26 conference table, they’ll happen around your office table and dining table.

Some of the world’s largest data centres can each contain many tens of thousands of IT devices and require more than 100 megawatts! On average, servers, and cooling systems account for the greatest shares of direct electricity use in data centres, followed by storage drives and network devices. So how can you improve energy efficiency in your data centre?

There are many explanations or descriptions for the term ‘Energy Efficiency’ – ‘One of the best analogies has to be ‘the good use of natural energy in a way that does not waste any’.

Workspace Technology can assist you in delivering exactly with their Data Centre Carbon Assessment Service. Designed to address Data Centre imbalances and review current equipment.

Experienced Data Centre engineers with an understanding of controls of airflow and performance and characteristics of systems plant such as fans, pumps, compressors will assess your Data Centre. They will also look at the technology and equipment types, including types of cooling available such as free cooling and evaporative cooling and they will discuss available options to reduced power consumption.

FreeCool® Evaporative data centre cooling system delivers typical power consumption reduction of 90% compared to some traditional mechanical systems, delivering typical PUE3 of 1.15 or lower. Along with fine tuning the system settings and configuration of the environment Workspace Technology can assist you in putting your best green step forward. Contact Workspace Technology and talk to our Green Team about COP26 and the changes you can make in your Data Centre

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