• Communications

    Creating communications pathways through design and installation of structured cabling, fibre optics, audio visual and TV/UHF cable distribution.


  • Power

    Power distribution and lighting systems for modular and reliable energy efficient electrical services.


  • Security

    Secure building environments through deployment of IP CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, and Intruder Alarm installations.


  • Cooling

    Comfort cooling technology though deployment of energy efficient air-conditioning and heating systems.


Lighting Solutions

flooring-option-factorybondedLighting accounts for 10-15% of the electricity bill within many commercial office environments. Energy-efficient lighting can seem such an obviously good idea that it is hard to comprehend why it is not used everywhere. Workspace Technology’s Building Systems division are actively committed to the reduction of energy costs by the design and installation of contemporary energy efficient light fittings and associated control systems.

Our lighting solutions incorporate advanced photometric design and intelligent sensor control with optimised low-energy T 5 fluorescent technology, making our installations highly efficient and able to react automatically to the surroundings.

Intelligent Sensor Systems

lighting-smallWorkspace Technology can offer luminaires programmed to react intelligently to the surroundings. The intelligent sensor system on each luminaire will, if appropriate, “harvest daylight”. Using high quality ballast systems, the luminaire will dim to compensate for higher levels of natural light. This maintains operational light levels for a lower luminaire output. This increases the effective energy efficiency by adding to the 50% savings already achieved.

In addition, passive Infrared sensor technology will detect when there is activity in proximity of the light and will switch off lights that are surplus to requirements (or dim back as appropriate). The combination of these features will often deliver energy savings in excess of 80% over conventional lighting, thereby significantly reducing the energy bill and the carbon footprint whilst also improving working conditions.

Energy efficient lighting installations have a number of advantages over traditional or existing installations:

  • Significantly reduce electricity consumption
  • Significantly reduce maintenance
  • Improve working conditions with better quality light
  • Provide more control over your lighting
  • Provide Intelligent control
  • 80% less power than traditional installations
  • Delivers an extended life span.


Building Systems

Workspace Technology provides a range of intelligent energy efficient building infrastructure which includes, Communications, Power, Security and Cooling. Workspace Technology is committed to helping you reduce power consumption and carbon emissions, though integrated technology and intelligent building design.

Published June 2017

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