• Communications

    Creating communications pathways through design and installation of structured cabling, fibre optics, audio visual and TV/UHF cable distribution.


  • Power

    Power distribution and lighting systems for modular and reliable energy efficient electrical services.


  • Security

    Secure building environments through deployment of IP CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, and Intruder Alarm installations.


  • Cooling

    Comfort cooling technology though deployment of energy efficient air-conditioning and heating systems.


Cooling - Building Cooling and Heating

coolingAir-conditioning systems, keep people comfortable and keep equipment and facilities operating at maximum efficiency. The installation of state of the art, energy efficient air-conditioning systems compliment our expertise in cooling within server room and data centre environments. Workspace Technology offers a large choice of indoor units, including cassettes, ducted, floor-mounted and wall mounted units to suite individual office requirements.

We offer innovative technologies in all areas, delivering superior performance for both heating and cooling applications with reduced power consumption. Our systems offer sophisticated inverter control with dual compressor technology matching the actual refrigerant flow to the capacity required by the application for each indoor unit.

  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Use of recyclable components
  • Reduced power consumption

Systems incorporate the energy efficient, non-ozone-depleting R410A

  • Zero ozone-depleting potential
  • Significantly increase in energy efficiency
  • Reduced pressure loss for improved performance.

Our systems offer installation flexibility and ease, long operating life and increase energy saving.

Workspace Technology provides a complete turnkey solution undertaking all building works, electrical, containment and installation and commissioning of air conditioning systems.


Building Systems

Workspace Technology provides a range of intelligent energy efficient building infrastructure which includes, Communications, Power, Security and Cooling. Workspace Technology is committed to helping you reduce power consumption and carbon emissions, though integrated technology and intelligent building design.

Published June 2017

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