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Breathe New Life Into Your UPS

26th, April 2019

When was the last time that your Uninterrupted Power Supply (USP) had an overhaul?

Your UPS is crucial to ensuring that your mission critical infrastructure and equipment doesn’t suffer any downtime in event of a power failure. Take lifesaving medical equipment for example which relies upon UPS systems across hospitals to keep them operating or the clearing process by Universities whom rely heavily upon their IT equipment to be up and running to ensure data and systems are available. Both have devasting consequences if they fail. One is fatal and the other costly.

Like any piece of critical equipment, your UPS needs to be maintained. Even the most superior quality UPS won’t last indefinitely, everyday use will eventually take it toil on its performance and reliability. Don’t forget that an UPS is also a significant investment and therefore ensuring that the lifespan is maximised will provide greater Return on Investment.

To ensure that you; minimise your risk of downtime caused by system failure, optimise the performance through enhanced efficiency and extend the UPS' life, it is important to enlist a reputable supplier to undertake an overhaul.

Experienced engineers will efficiently exchange any fans or capacitators that need to be replaced. The fans work hard keep parts in the rectifier and invertor cool enough to operate safely and efficiently, without them the parts are exposed to higher temperatures resulting in them deteriorating quicker.

Capacitors work together to improve the power quality of the UPS, as they approach end of life they start to add unnecessary stress to the system whilst affecting harmonics leaving you with higher energy bills and damage to battery strings.

Ultimately by not ensuring that your UPS is working efficiently it will result in higher costs in the long-term. Workspace Technology provides a UPS Overhaul Service across the UK for a variety of industry sectors including Healthcare, Education, Local Authority, Retail, Blue Light and Defence.

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