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The Sustainability Dream

Posted by Workspace

With new emerging Technologies and expanding AI capability, will 2021 be the year the Green Data Centre flourishes? Data Centres have historically been labelled a large contributor to global warming.…
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Welcome to the “AGE OF THE EDGE”

Posted by Workspace

There is no AI without IA There is no Artificial Intelligence without Infrastructure Architecture! AI-based software has accelerated and is now used in everyday life for example your Smart Phone,…
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How the Emergency Services are Embracing New Technologies

Posted by Workspace

Serving at the front line, our emergency services are on hand by conveniently calling one single phone number. Even the process of contacting them is faster and easier than it…
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Is It Possible To Sustain Energy-Guzzling Data Centres Whilst Trying To Save The Planet?

Posted by Workspace

As the number of businesses that seek to become significant players in today’s data-driven world increases, the data centre remains one of the most important pieces of organisational infrastructure. However,…
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