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6G: The Exhilarating Pace of Technology

Posted by Workspace

It’s hard to believe that we only mentioned in May 2019 that 5G was being launched and now we are discussing 6G. Apparently, it’s common for work to start a…
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Old Can Be Beautiful Too

Posted by Workspace

It appears that we are living within a throwaway society, where it seems that the cost of buying new outweighs the time and investment of renovating the old; a case…
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Can the True Cost of Cyber Crime be Calculated?

Posted by Workspace

According to the Oxford English dictionary cyber warfare is “the use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organisation, especially the deliberate attacking of information systems…
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The 7 Pitfalls of Data Centre Design

Posted by Workspace

Choosing a data centre to house your most important assets is a risky business. Workspace Technology have listed the main pitfalls face by those responsible for the procurement and management…
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