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Benefits of Data Centre Site Facilities Engineer Services

8th, December 2015

Data Centre and Server Room environments are essential to the ongoing operation in the vast majority of businesses. Failures within the data centre infrastructure can often impact on the ability of a business to operate with extended downtime potentially costing huge sums on money for larger organisations.

Most data centre or facilities managers will implement suitable planned preventive maintenance and emergency callout service contracts to ensure equipment is serviced at regular intervals. Planned preventive service activities tend to focus on core plant equipment such as chillers, UPS systems or generators. Very often there are ‘gaps’ where secondary items, for example fresh air systems or aisle containment doors, are not covered under the existing regular maintenance plans.

The deployment of specialist data centre ‘Facilities Engineers’ can overcome these shortfalls by complementing planned preventative maintenance – through the provision of regular site visits in order to perform general infrastructure inspections, adjustments, lubrication – with periodic testing on items that are typically not covered under existing plans. Typical data centre Site Facilities Engineer activities include:

  • Inspection of Fresh Air Ventilation Fans, Ducts & Systems Filters
  • Inspection & Lubrication of Fire Dampers / PRD Damper Systems
  • Rack Integrity & Containment Inspections
  • Inspecting, Adjusting & Lubricating Aisle Containment / Access Doors
  • Labelling Inspections
  • Inspection & Organisation of IT / Power Cable Infrastructure
  • Inspection & Testing of Lighting Systems / Emergency Lighting and Fittings
  • Inspection & Adjustment of Raised Access Floors and Integrity / Safety
  • General Periodic Maintenance
  • Record & Documentation Updates
  • Depending on the nature and scale of the data centre, the recommended attendance frequency may range from a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual site visits.

By including Site Facilities engineering service visits, data centre managers can ensure that the entire mission critical environment is in a satisfactory serviceable condition.

Single Source Partnership Approach – Workspace Technology provides a single source partnership maximising reliability and availability of data centre assets. Our Maintenance & Support Service team offers a complete range of Mission Critical Facilities Maintenance including traditional support, remote monitoring, site audits, optimisation and site facilities engineers.

Roy Griffiths, Workspace Technology’s Technical Director, commented “Workspace Technology’s core business is the Design, Build & Management of Mission Critical and Data Centre environments. With an extensive level of in house expertise we are best positioned to provide ongoing site facilities management of client’s data centre and server room environments. Our Site Facilities Engineers can form an integral part of a comprehensive range of planned preventative, emergency callout, remote monitoring, and specialist data centre optimisation audit and consultancy services”

For more information contact or call 0121 354 4894.

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