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Benefits of Becoming A Channel Partner in a Technological Era

21st, November 2018

We’re sure you have heard of the saying “Jack of all trades, Master of none”, so when you get a request for a specialist service what do you do? You call in the experts of course!

The ideal way for a company to offer added value services to its’ portfolio is by forming mutually beneficial Channel Partnerships. By linking up with likeminded companies that offer products and services that you can’t offer can extend your product/service width and provide additional opportunities to bid for works which would be otherwise unattainable.

Data Centre Design & Build projects are very specialist thus requiring expertise and experience that you don’t find in abundance. Combining technical, electrical and design capabilities with IT and construction knowledge is not in everyone’s’ skill set.

The Maintenance and Support of a data centre is as equally specialist as the design and build. Facility management companies across the UK are not necessarily equipped with experience in maintaining complex data centre infrastructure.

Before you tell your clients that you can’t build, design, maintain or support their data centre infrastructure, stop and say, “yes we can offer that service for you”. Then get in touch with your reliable and trustworthy data centre solutions channel partner and get the ball rolling.

The benefits speak for themselves;

Increases Revenue

Creates significant growth in sales and distribution of a product or service where both parties benefit from the increased revenue, and growth in sales footprint.

Create Annuity Income

Sales of multi-year annual data centre support contracts will provide forecastable year-on-year revenue streams.

Increases Market Width

Decreases time to market and provides access to otherwise inaccessible markets due to the absence of specialist expertise.

Take Advantage of Additional Expertise & Resources

It removes the need to employ specialists in-house and the stress of sourcing them. Instead you can rely on an already established reputable workforce to undertake the works for you without the personnel issues.

If you are a Facility Management company then having a reliable partnership is the way forward if you want to earn more money easily and deliver quality added value services.

Workspace Technology works with a variety of Channel Partners to deliver Data Centre Design Build Projects and Maintenance & Support contracts on their behalf.

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