APC by Schneider Electric Air Distribution Products

APC by Schneider Electric Air Distribution Products

One of the biggest challenges in cooling IT environments is controlling the movement of air to and from the IT equipment in the space. Consolidation of IT equipment and the drive toward higher rack densities, combined with the variability of cabinet sizes, networking, and other equipment in these environments, makes it challenging for IT and facilities managers to address air distribution issues. Workspace Technology offers a wide range of APC by Schneider Electric products that contain air to eliminate mixing or to enhance airflow within the rack or room.

A range of APC Air Distribution Products provide flexible deployment options.

Thermal Contain - Schneider Electric provide thermal containment products designed to address a wide range of applications delivering efficiency gains and improving cooling reliability in a wide range of IT environments.

Aisle Containment - Workspace Technology offers flexible ceiling panels or ducted aisle configuration for hot and/or cold aisle (HAC/CAC) and hot aisle return plenum (HARP) containment arrangements. Features include:

  • Drop-out ceiling panels minimise installation costs and impact to fire suppression systems.
  • Integrated LED lighting simplifies space planning and reduces operational costs.
  • Active Flow control matches cooling system and IT equipment airflow increases efficiency and reliability.
  • Customisable configuration installs in a wide range of applications.

Rack Containment - is a modular system designed to easily adapt to both the front and rear of equipment racks to enhance close-coupling cooling units. The rack containment scalable open plenum architecture enables capacity sharing to improve cooling system redundancy and utilisation.

Fan Assisted Rack Air Distribution

Rack air distribution products from Schneider Electric offer ducted and fan-assisted options to improve cold air distribution and heat removal to and from IT equipment racks. Fan-assisted units help overcome hot spots caused by high-density loads and airflow restrictions due to cabling, piping, and restricted airflow paths within racks and raised floors. Rack Air Distribution systems work with existing cooling products to either provide cool air to or remove heat from the rack enclosure.

Air Removal Unit (ARU), 1,600 CFM (2,718 m3/h)

Air Removal Units eliminate hot spots by removing heat from high density racks and helping maintain server inlet temperatures with automatically adjusting fans. The unit supports temperature monitoring and communication to central management systems.

An APC equipment rack Air Removal Unit form part of the cabinet rear door assembly of a server cabinet. A row of vertical fans will assist in removing the hot air from the equipment cabinet. Options include ducting where enclosed hot air plenum returns are installed. The use of variable speed fans helps improve performance and power consumption. An APC Rack Air Removal Unit will improve cooling performance by up to 7Kw.

Side Air Distribution Unit (SADU), 260 CFM (442 m3/h)

Side Air Distribution Units Direct air up or down the side of the rack, supplying cool air to the inlet of side airflow equipment such as network switches. Fault tolerance is supported via with dual fans.

Air Distribution Unit (ADU), 420 CFM (714 m3/h)

Air Distribution Units help maintain rack inlet temperatures by promoting proper airflow from the raised floor to the top of the rack. The equipment rack Air Distribution Unit will fit at the bottom of a server cabinet. It is designed to draw air from the raised floor plenum and force the air to the font of the equipment cabinet. The APC Rack Air Distribution product will assist performance load sharing techniques improving rate of flow to the target cabinet. The Rack Air Distribution Unit will improve effective cooling by up to 3Kw.

Room Air Distribution

Room air distribution technology helps simplify cooling of small wiring closets and computer rooms by exhausting hot air from the closet to an adjacent space, allowing conditioned air to enter the space and cool the load.

Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit

The Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit is a rapidly deployable wall or ceiling mounted heat removal system designed specifically for the wiring closet environment. By exhausting hot air from the closet to an adjacent space, it allows conditioned air (entering through the Air Intake Grill) to cool the load. If plugged into a UPS, it can also be used as a back-up heat removal system to an already existing air-conditioning unit to maximise system availability in the event of a power failure. Dual fans increase availability while LED status indicators and dry contact outputs enhance the unit’s manageability. Selectable fan speeds allow the user to choose between maximum performances.

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