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Policies & Procedures

Our Health & Safety Philosophy

Workspace Technology places Health & Safety as the highest priority Policies & Proceduresthroughout all aspects of our work. Workspace Technology has three simple Health & Safety aims:

  • Improve health and safety in our industry
  • Have the right people for the right job at the right time to manage the risks onsite
  • Focus on effective planning and managing risk – manage the risk not the paperwork

Workspace Technology prides itself on taking an inclusive, proactive and practical approach to positively influencing people’s attitudes to safety, health and the environment. As a result, the frequency and severity of incidents is greatly reduced, in fact we are proud of our zero-incident record.

For Workspace Technology to achieve the ultimate goal of no accidents, every member of staff adheres to our ‘Commitment Statement’. This statement is communicated widely and subject to regular scrutiny at the quarterly performance review meetings. Outcomes of these meetings are published to ensure everyone is kept up-to-date on progress.

Workspace Technology’s Safety, Health and Environment team is also responsible for assuring clients that we have the correct processes in place and that they are constantly being implemented to consistently produce work of a high standard.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Workspace Technology is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. As an integral part of good business practice, we recognise our responsibility to conduct our business in ways that help to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise adverse effects on the local and global environment.

We implement an environmental management system that has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO14001:2004. Subsequently, you can be assured that we will operate in full compliance with the requirements of UK environmental law and all applicable statutory instruments, orders, regulations and industry codes of practice.

We are committed to:

  • Pursue energy-efficient and energy-saving options in our operations and solutions, including the use of non-polluting technology, to reduce energy consumption and optimise resource use, to ensure we prevent pollution from all our activities
  • Strive for continual improvement of our environmental management system to provide a cost-effective and considered service, sensitive to resource issues
  • Assess and monitor our performance against environmental objectives
  • Identify, source and use environmentally and socially responsible materials, including collaboration with providers of renewable, carbon-neutral energy
  • Provide our staff with appropriate environmental training and actively promote development of good environmental practice within the company
  • Take all reasonable measures to prevent pollution, or disturbance to those affected because of our activities by reducing significant emissions, including noise, air pollution and vibration at source
  • Maintain awareness of the potential environmental effects of our operations by effective communication with our staff, clients and suppliers
  • Monitor environmental system requirements through audits of our operations to ensure effective implementation of this policy, to identify opportunities consistent with continuous improvement, and to reduce the risk of system failures that may lead to environmental damage
  • Make our Environmental Policy freely available upon request, and work constructively with communities and regulatory agencies in the implementation of its objectives

In implementing this policy, we apply best practice principles in all our data centre designs to help improve Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), through energy efficiency ratings that exceed current industry standards. ‘EcoDesign’ is the term we use to sum up our approach to the deployment of energy-efficient technology and design in data centre infrastructure.

The European Commission has named Workspace Technology as an Endorser of the European Code of Conduct on Data Centres, with a responsibility to promote the Code of Conduct and disseminate information on its provisions.

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