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2020 Predictions: The Data Centre Industry’s Crystal Ball

13th, January 2020

It’s fair to say that it is challenging to predict exactly what will happen in 2020 when technology moves at such an unmanageable pace, however the experts at Workspace Technology have got together to share with us what they believe will occur.

It is a predicted that there will be a continued rise in the demand for Edge Data Centre infrastructure to house and manage edge computing as businesses demand increased latency, more control and the want for on-premise facilities.

It could be said that edge computing itself is a by-product of the development of 5G, although perhaps rather than a by-product it’s more of a facilitator of it. 5G cannot deliver faster down/upload speed, fast (real time) data processing without edge computing providing the ultra-low latency and high levels of connectivity required by 5G to deliver its service. Therefore, it could be fair to say that Edge Technology and 5G will be co-dependent of each other’s technology in order to grow and prepare for the launch of 6G.

However, our experts don’t believe it will be a case of service requirements switching from the centralised hyperscale data centres to Edge Data Centres, as both will be required. As the integral parts of a joined up distributed IT system, and as the UK’s reliance on digital technology increases hybrid solutions will be needed to cope with the amount of data and the speed of demand from consumers and businesses.

Data centre Design & Build organisations that continue to collaborate with, both the manufacturers of compute/networking and storage equipment and the users of the Edge Infrastructure, will assist businesses with moving their IT function out of inefficient comms and server rooms into purpose-built on premises facilities. This will be achieved either through the re-purposing/resizing of existing space or by the provision of prefabricated data centres.

In addition to the part Edge Data Centre Technology will play in the delivery of 5G, it will also be integral in the increasing deployment by organisations of Hybrid Cloud Solutions, where On-premise data centre converged infrastructure (private cloud) is augmented by off-premise public cloud. It will be a case of many solutions coming together, rather than one, providing flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions.

As companies tighten their belts and focus on cutting costs, it will become even more important for Data Centre Maintenance & Support companies and their supply chain to promote the added value and benefits of using qualified, accredited and specialised engineers. The decision to take the service in-house has its costs benefits, but when a breakdown occurs, only then will the true cost be evident of not using a specialist company.

Workspace Technology Ltd are ideally placed to design and build bespoke solutions to meet your company’s IT requirements whilst providing a 24/7 support contract and first-class maintenance programme. For more information simply contact our team today and let us help you to be ahead of the game in 2020.

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